Volunteer – Help Grant a Wish

Our volunteers in Denver and across the country help make lasting change in the lives of seniors. There are three ways to volunteer with Wish of a Lifetime:

1. Volunteer in our Denver Office

We need lots of help to interview, plan and promote our Wishes, all from our office in Denver. If you’re interested in helping out in the office, check out our internships here¬†or email volunteer@seniorwish.org

2. Share our Stories, Spread our Mission

We share our stories to inspire everyone to start thinking differently about our oldest generations. Get social! Spread the word to your family and friends about our mission, and share our seniors’ Wish stories with your social networks.

3. Become a Wish Granter in Your Community!

Helping a senior in your community realize their dream is inspiring and empowering. Find a wish for a senior in your community, then work with one of our Wish Staff to make it happen! Here’s how it works:

Be a Wish Granter!

Start a Conversation

Reach out to a senior in your community and start a conversation about their hopes and dreams. We can’t fulfill wishes without the help of nominators across the country! Download our Conversation Guide for some helpful questions and tips.


Be a Wish Granter!

Submit an Application

Once you’ve discovered a Wish for a deserving senior in your community, go to our website and fill out our Wish Application. Be as thorough and detailed as you can be – the more we know up front, the faster we’re able to process the application! Expect a call from one of our Wish Fulfillment staff to start the interview and approval process.


Be a Wish Granter!

Plan it With Us

Once the Wish is approved, you will be contacted by one of our Wish Fulfillment staff to move forward. We have a team of experienced Wish-granters based in Denver who make our wishes happen all across the country! We work with you to help plan the best Wish experience possible.

You can go the extra mile and create a fundraising page to ask your friends and family to help make a Wish come true! Just ask your WOL representative!


Be a Wish Granter!

Share the Story

Part of our broader vision is to change the way our culture views and values our oldest generations. We need YOUR help to do that! Share the story of the Wish you helped grant with your friends, family, and social networks. Together, we can make the world a better place to age.

Let’s Get Started! Questions? Email volunteer@seniorwish.org

Volunteer Another Way

Are you a member of a community service group, club, or school? Check out the School & Community Groups tab to learn more!

Do you want to get your staff involved in granting a Wish? Email us at volunteer@seniorwish.org, or check out our Partnership page!

We’re always open to hearing new ideas about unique projects or collaborations. If you have an idea about bringing our Mission to your community, let us know by emailing info@seniorwish.org